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Abstract: The Art of Design

Community, Craft & Bricolage

That moment when your as close to the soul as possible – That’s what good design is.

Abstract: The Art of Design. Netflix have just released a fascinating insight into the mind of designers and craftsmanship. Series One takes you on a journey through a variety of disciplines and how how design impacts every aspect of life.


Our Reason For Being

Beehive Business, Community

At Beehive, Our Reason For Being has never been a more pertinent subject.   We’re welcoming a transformational shift and we invite you to join us as we rethink how to connect with what unites us and brings us closer to each other and everything that we love.Read More..


Simplify to Amplify

Beehive Business, Community

This thread has come about due to our research into Beehives heritage. The industrious community that innovated on all areas of business and yet for the sheer scale and impact of the business

it was a surprisingly simple model.  We will be going into more detail as we share our ‘Reason for Being’ with you over the coming months but for now.. Read More …

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Inspiring change

Craft & Bricolage

Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Morgan is a cross stitch and hand embroidery artist working across a broad spectrum of needle-work, ranging from patches to abstract art works. She is undoubtedly a mover-and-shaker and she creates from a place of knowing that if you don’t like something, then change it. Read More …


Beehive Life Hacks – Use what you have

Craft & Bricolage

Beehive Life Hacks

In the season of avid consumption, driven by Black Friday sales and “special offer” price cuts luring us into a purchase, there’s never a better time to remember the special make-and-mend tricks that can revitalise the pieces we already love. In the face of inevitable wear’n’tear, here’s 10 ways to ensure we get the best out of our buys.  Read more ..


Use what you have – Bringing bricolage back

Craft & Bricolage, Inspiration

At The Beehive Brand part of our niche is bringing back much-loved designs of eras before and leasing them with a new sartorial life, where shapes are adapted with a little tweaking to fit the modern figure. By embracing the styles of generations past, we believe in the philosophy and hands on approach of bricolage – a description attributed to anthropologist, Levi Strauss. Read More …

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Campaign For Wool

Thankyou for sharing our story The Campaign for Wool Following on from last months ‘WOOL WORKS’ interview with Make Works this month we have been chatting to Andrea Freeman the founder of The Beehive Brand Hi Andrea please introduce The...