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Port Mulgrave by Danny Lowe

Heritage, Men Of Action

Port Mulgrave by Danny Lowe

Born in North Yorkshire, Danny Lowe is currently based in London. His work has featured in magazines such as Dazed and Confused and Coeval Magazine among many others. With focus on portrait and fashion photography, Lowe also has his personal work featured in publications.  Back end of last year Danny got in touch to collaborate with Beehive for his portfolio. 

You can follow Danny’s work on Instagram:


Port Mulgrave shot by @dlowe550 for @coevalmagazine @thebeehivebrand

A video posted by Danny Lowe (@dlowe550) on

Danny styled and shot the current Beehive Mens Timeless Classics

Timeless Mens Styles










and The Men of Action Range











Beehive champions the game-changers

Community, Inspiration

Beehive champions the game-changers, the rule breakers and the re-imagine-its who challenge the norm by creating pathways to new beginnings and making productive, imaginative solutions to the problems that we face as a planet and a society. This is the world we stand for.



We were inspired by original imagery sourced from the heyday of Patons and Baldwins to we look towards the “GENIUS AT WORK” – to all the inventors and problem solvers who put themselves out there. Here’s our first round up of some of fashion’s fiercest contenders.


Liva firth

Liva firth Image:

Liva Firth – Creative Director for Eco Age and creative producer on ‘The True Cost’ film


Liva is the founder of the world renowned ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ (GCC), an online platform that pairs ethics with aesthetics to bolster a greater sense of sustainability and social welfare in the perception of glamour. She is also the creative director of Eco-Age, an influential consultancy that provides sustainable solutions to leaders in the supply chain and beyond, and the executive producer of The True Cost, a film that explores the cost of the clothing we wear, the people who make them and the impact the industry is having.






“Take two very simple actions that we perform every single day: getting dressed and eating. Now start a journey backwards – to where your food and your clothes come from. At the other end, you will rarely find happy people, treated with dignity and respect. Human beings working at the bottom of any supply chain – whether is strawberry picking, prawn fishing, cotton farming, garment workers – are often treated like slaves, without reference to our common humanity.  So “fashion” – i.e. what we wear every single day, has huge relevance and huge consequences on human, social and environmental capital.” – Liva Firth, The True Cost


Miki Agrawai (Image:Eventbrite)

Miki Agrawal – founder of a farm-to-table pizza restaurant, author, and co-founder and CEO of THINX


THINX is a technologically innovative underwear brand inspired to protect women during their periods. It’s a sustainable solution to eliminate sanitary product waste and works in partnership with AFRIPads, an organisation that provides reusable menstrual kits to girls in Uganda. The brand’s main focus is to support such environmental and humanitarian causes and there is no better conceptualiser than Miki Agrawal who is a force of nature in business. She was named 2015 Social Entrepreneur of the Year at the World Technology Awards and THINX was named Time Magazine’s “25 Best New Inventions of 2015″.





Avery McCall

Avery McCall (Image:

Avery McCall
- political and social activist


Actively involved in politics since the age of 12, Avery McCall served as a teen advisor for the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign. Dedicating herself to being an advocate for refugees, McCall spent her high school years helping those displaced by conflicts in Syria, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Working with RefugeeOne to tutor children fleeing war-torn nations, McCall hopes to use fashion to raise awareness and generate funds that can provide support on the ground.





Lily Hewes. Research Assistant.

Alena Walker: Editor





Inspiring change

Craft & Bricolage

Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Morgan is a cross stitch and hand embroidery artist working across a broad spectrum of needle-work, ranging from patches to abstract art works. She is undoubtedly a mover-and-shaker and she creates from a place of knowing that if you don’t like something, then change it. Physical objects can be powerful tools that allow us to be better global citizens, passionately engaged and not passively consuming, and in ways that won’t harm our world. Let’s live intentionally and leave positive imprints behind us.


Beehive Life Hacks – Use what you have

Craft & Bricolage

Beehive Life Hacks

In the season of avid consumption, driven by Black Friday sales and “special offer” price cuts luring us into a purchase, there’s never a better time to remember the special make-and-mend tricks that can revitalise the pieces we already love. In the face of inevitable wear’n’tear, here’s 10 ways to ensure we get the best out of our buys.  Read more ..

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Use what you have – Bringing bricolage back

Craft & Bricolage, Inspiration

At The Beehive Brand part of our niche is bringing back much-loved designs of eras before and leasing them with a new sartorial life, where shapes are adapted with a little tweaking to fit the modern figure. By embracing the styles of generations past, we believe in the philosophy and hands on approach of bricolage – a description attributed to anthropologist, Levi Strauss.


Crafting Peace

Craft & Bricolage, Innovation, Men Of Action, Social Progress

Remembrance Sunday, Crafting Peace


Remembrance is a part of our modern British life, culture and heritage. With remembrance come memories of a past once lived and we look backwards, rose-tinted, with a bittersweet nostalgia. But with remembrance comes responsibility. The Common Threads that link our past, present and future is the opportunity to look behind us and remember what has been and to learn from our mistakes so we become stronger in the face of inevitable adversity.

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Life Could Be A Dream


Sharing a few of our favourite things.   Casey Neistat Mixtapes.  Chilled out inspiration with a wee bit of Movie soundtrack and Northern Soul


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