That moment when your as close to the soul as possible – That’s what good design is.

Abstract: The Art of Design. Netflix have just released a fascinating insight into the mind of designers and craftsmanship. Series One takes you on a journey through a variety of disciplines and how how design impacts every aspect of life.

 Mr Porter   have hit the nail on the head when they say it  is no ordinary documentary and be warned it may make you quit your job..  Here’s a perfect synopsis of the designers who are featured Words by Mr Dan Rookwood – read more on The Mr Porter Journal


Mr Tinker Hatfield, Sneaker Designer

Utilising his background as both a competitive pole-vaulter and a student of architecture, Mr Hatfield became Nike’s star footwear designer and a legend in sneaker culture – responsible for the Air Max, Mr Michael Jordan’s incredibly successful “Jordan” range, and Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers in Back To The Future II, which this documentary shows becoming reality in 2015.

Ms Es Devlin, Set Designer

In the world of stage design, Ms Es Devlin’s sets are events unto themselves. From Beyoncé, Adele, U2 and Mr Kanye West concerts to operas, ballets, theatre productions and fashion events, Ms Devlin’s emotional, immersive multi-award-winning work has graced the world’s biggest stadiums and most prestigious stages.

Ms Ilse Crawford, Interior Designer

Ms Crawford, the founding editor of Elle Decoration magazine (now Elle Deco), has designed a great many spaces – from Soho House properties such as Babington House and Electric Cinema, to Cathay Pacific airport lounges, to Aesop stores. This documentary shows Ms Crawford taking on the challenge of designing the Ikea Restaurant & Café.

Mr Bjarke Ingels, Architect

Mr Ingels’ architectural designs include the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London, Google’s HQ in California, and the long-anticipated 2 World Trade Center in New York City. In his native Copenhagen, Mr Ingles created the VM Houses (incredibly designed affordable housing) and a ski slope/public park that sits atop a clean fuel-burning power plant.

Platon, Photographer

Having worked at The New Yorker, Time and Esquire among others, Platon has photographed countless celebrities and world leaders. This documentary segues from high-profile commissions to his current passion project: training his lens on a human rights issue to chronicle the victims of wartime sexual violence in Congo.

Mr Christoph Niemann, Illustrator

In this playful and inventive episode, Mr Niemann walks and works, sometimes in animated form. With geometric wit, the illustrator – whose work appears in The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine and The New Yorker – is able to boil down our shared experiences into “images people don’t need to decipher”.

Ms Paula Scher, Graphic Designer

As a creator of memorable logos, emblems, branding and graphics – including instantly recognisable work for the likes of Mastercard and Microsoft – Ms Scher “notices typography everywhere” and uses a visual language that allows “type to talk”. Her design process often starts in a New York taxi, where she gets her best ideas. These sketches and scribbles come to life at her design co-op Pentagram, or they go into her massive map paintings.

Mr Ralph Gilles, Car Designer

Mr Gilles tears up when he looks again at the letter he received from Chrysler after he sent them some car designs he dreamed up as a 14-year-old. Thirty years on, he is their global head of design, but he has lost none of that childlike enthusiasm, wonder and sense of bringing the improbable to fruition.

Ps. Warning. You will probably want to watch them one after the other – so make plan it in!

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